Abnormal Pschology Cover Art Imagery UPDATE

I noticed a trend in recent cover art for abnormal psychology cover artwork.

The textbook cover art by corner, 7th edition:


8th edition (2012):


and finally 9th Edition (2015):


All of these images are mediated, whether the face is suggested as puppet/cloth dummy, a sculpture mediated by the screen of clouds, or this woman of color lastly, mediated by what i first thought were cracks like that of a painting, but what may be a map. The geographical turn.

Interesting, and now this one by Butcher, first 14th edition (2009):


An old theme, the body turned away from the viewer. I have mentioned this before. Now the next (15th Ed., 2012):


The face in profile, staring at glass reflection. There are dualities in both of these, whether it is the reflected image in the glass, or the two way road.  Then the most recent edition, 16th, 2013:


We see the a duality again this time, youth-age. And again, much like the other contemporary book, women of color.

Is this a trend? Let’s check on the most recent by Barlow..


and finally Rosenberg:


The last being a women covered with color, if not a woman of color.


What’s with this? These have all been updated I think since my first post on abnormal psychology textbook covers, here, and while I don’t know if my post has effected things, it is interesting.

Venn Diagram of Heideggerian Things (Draft) And Evolution in 6 Domains (or 3?)

Evolution and SustainabilityTheoretical biologist Eva Jablonka has posited that evolution occurs in four dimensions: Genetic (Orange circle), Epigenetic (clockwise from there), Behavioral (pink wedge) and Symbolic (purple circle). In the Venn diagram above I have the six things (things as in Hegel) I see as evolving (including now Ecological evolution, green circle; technological evolution, dark purple wedge.)

Here is a Lacanian diagram. While these may or may not map things, this describes the subject, Real, Imaginary, and Symbolic.


Here is a basic Venn Diagram of Sustainable Development.


Here’s a chart of Cornell’s Genius Graduate School’s  (Cornell Tech’s) future curricular domains and the departments and disciplins that relate to them, with some evolutionary domains on top, and the sustainability domains.domains simpler cornell tech

I seem to be interested in many of these fields.

Make’s sense, right?  Now here it is rearranged slightly with Lacan’s circles, and the three highlighted discourses described as conterpublics in a rhetoric book I just read, where citizens can be “citizen briceleurs” (as opposed to engineers like at Cornell Tech, highlight in dark purple font.)Domains

Above is the first draft for a Venn Diagram of Heideggerian Things.  I dont know how Judith Butler’s Antigone’s Claim fits in. Once I read that and get my computer back I will update (and make it  look nicer). Unfortunately my computer is down and I made these with an app online (No Adobe products on my husband’s  computer.) Expect future iterations to be better.


And now…. just for fun, the internet of things diagram: